The Ladybird Bar


The Ladybird Bar, where fun is mandatory!

Booking & Door Policy

Here are just a few terms and conditions, we except you have read and understood them.

  1. A deposit must be paid to secure and confirm the booking.
  2. We only accept deposit by card. For larger bookings bank transfers are applicable.
  3. Please contact us for specific dates, or large bookings as availability, information and capacities might vary.
  4. A £50 deposit is required per table booking for up to 10 people. For larger groups other conditions will apply.
  5. We endeavor to accommodate all the people from the reservation in the space available, but we only can guarantee seating on a 2:1 ratio basis.
  6. The table will be held up to 30 minutes after confirmed time of reservation. If the party should not arrive within this time then the reservation will be terminated and the deposit will be lost.
  7. Your deposit can only be reclaimed as a bar tab, which must be collected from the bar in the beginning of your night. Tabs will only be made available to the person who made the booking and must be used on the night. There are no refunds of any balance to the deposit.
  8. Failure to identify yourself and collect your tab card will result in forfeiting your deposit.
  9. When a door charge is applicable, the first 10 people will be expected from this charge unless a special event is taking place.
  10. £5 door fee applies after 10PM, £10 after 12AM.
  11. NO cash refund will be permitted.
  12. Ladybird Bar applies a strict over 21 policy.
  13. Where food is provided a 50% deposit will be required a week before the event and a cover charge applied (£20 per 10 people). All food (including cakes) will be cleared by 9pm.
  14. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to any bill over £500.00
  15. Where a minimum spend has been arranged and not been met, the remaining balance will be chargeable and settled on the night.
  16. Door policy will apply to all bookings and management reserve the right to refuse any entry at any time. In the event of entry being refused arrangement will be made to return your deposit.
  17. In the event of a cancellation, a deposit will only be refunded if we have had more then 7 days notice and have not incurred any losses due to cancellation. For large bookings, more then 14 days is needed and other conditions apply.
  18. We have a no drug policy and in the event of refusal of entry, due to miss use of substances, no refunds will be made.
  19. Groups must be mixed, dressed in smart casual and the people in your group will not be allowed entrance if intoxicated.
  20. Legal actions will be taken for any act of slander, abuse to our staff members or unjustified false or bad reviews posted on any website or social media.
  21. It is mandatory that you and your party have a lot of fun.

Additional info

  1. Ladybird is a party bar.
  2. We might cancel your booking if the information you gave us was not correct.
  3. Table bookings are restricted to a maximum of 20 people with a guest list, above this size (or number) please contact us.
  4. Our dress code might differ on certain nights depending on the theme.
  5. We operate a strict over 21 policy.
  6. 10 people maximum outside in the smoking area at one time.
  7. We do not recommend the Ladybird Bar for crowds of over 40 as our music policy, seating arrangement and levels might not be suitable.
  8. The Ladybird Bar's Basement Space has a capacity of 100.


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